Circular Logic

by Vertigo Fox

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released April 23, 2015

All music and lyrics by Vertigo Fox. All recording, performing and vocalising done by Vertigo Fox.
Special thanks to R.a.M. Land, Gloomer2000, and jmph for helping with publicity. Check out their tracks too!
And special thanks to the mysterious first-name only Isaac for the artwork.




Vertigo Fox Winnipeg, Manitoba

Vertigo Fox is a band made up of one mysterious, probably catlike creature.
Consistently tired of the general wish- fulfillment based love stories that many bands base their songs around, he decided he'd much rather write about darker and stranger things.
Vertigo Fox enjoys long walks and hikes, though cats tell him they're prowls.
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Track Name: The Watcher
Shifting shadows, alien to the light
In this mysterious wasteland
And there's something watching
Like it knows you in a way from a past life
Like it knows what you're going through
It can see you, feel you but do you want it to? Is it one of theirs, are you on the menu?

It haunts you it sees inside you
Snake eyes pierce right to your soul
It faces you knowing things it can't know.
Destroy it.

Chasing starlight; is it just out of reach?
Lost in the enigmatic mines
And you still see it watching
Like it knows you in a way it's unsettling
Like it knows what's gonna happen to you
It sees right through you and you don't want it to
Do they still want you?

Do you want him to know who you are and what you will be?
Do you want this creature to see right into your heart?
Do you want him to know what you're going through? Where you're running to?
Do they still want you? Are you on the menu?

Become it
Track Name: Nebula's Nightmare
A creature of naked thought
It invades his world-thats-not
The landscape becomes a jungle
His form changes to match
Onto all fours, spine growing caudal
On his toes, he knows it's not a normal dream
Find the wild in yourself
Sniff the wind I'll set you free
Find the wild in yourself
It is now your destiny
A spirit of naked mind
He asks it why, knowing he leaves his life behind
He asks: is this really just a dream?
I think this world isn't what it seems

We're alive, we walk on branches over the void
I'll make you see why it is that we destroy
We're spiders all caught up in our own Web of nightmares
So now you become the nightmare you destroyed

Climb up into the branches and don't fall
Steady yourself; use that long tail
We're spiders caught in our own web
That we call survival
Push your nose into the wind, smell the void

When you wake you'll discover
That this was never a dream
Track Name: Weasels & Worms
Someone's coming, slick and slithery thing
It's arriving

I get claws... I get claws...
You get half the universe, and I get claws...
If you got the moon I'd get dragged along there
Fluffy and naked with knives in my stare

Nesting serpents under fire
I am hiding deep within them
Predatory, alive and under attack
A pissed-off feline who'll take none of your flack
I smell a weasel... weasel... vermin
Teeth like sabers, claws like knives
I'm sneaking up behind you
To the forest, and I've got nothing to say
Stop the countdown or get out of my way
How did the weasels and the worms come to rule the world?

I get claws...
Track Name: Dragon's Blood
Sampling a taste of crocodile bones
There's a visceral pulse of decay in my soul
She named me nightmare
A dream of the jungle, alone but whole
Exotic dark markings on this tawny coat
And alien ferocity in my heart
Seeking the taste of something living and wholesome
The tables have turned on you
Now I can see what it is to be a part of this world they all wanted to burn
I'm filled with an alien power, it hungers
And this is not the lesson I expected to learn

To pounce and to hold the night in my paws
Crushing your spine in my jaws
To savour the blood as it ceases to flow
To play the tooth and claw
To wait just out of sight in the shadows
Haunting your path, you don't know
To hold life and death in my claws
So come dance

I'm scheming gleefully in the shadows
Feeling my pumping blood
Can sense her watching, see a flash of her looking at me
I'm unseen, a tawny flicker in the dark places
A savage bloodthirst in my soul
Exotic markings on my naked fur
Eager for a feeding to unfold
Now I can see what it is to be the predator
To roam my space
To enjoy the chase
To be the thing that really devours

And I'm not sure I can discern
What the meaning is of this bloodthirsty turn
I'm aflame with alien passion, enticing
And this is not the lesson I expected to learn

I'm aflame with alien passion, enthralling
This is not the lesson I wanted to learn
Track Name: Echo Cascade
Starlit dark, but sight
Immense power locked inside
Look in your soul as you wander
Search for life, you know
All this bare landscape
You see for miles around

You got nothing here so keep running
Feel your heart pounding inside
Quarries wait all around so start chasing
Feeling silent and small in the darkening eventide

This was supposed to be safe, controlled and risk-free
Instead you wound up naked, face down in the ash
Look deep into your soul as you prowl
Search for life
You got this insatiable hunger, you know
You've got a cougar locked inside

Keep running
Silent and strong
Starlit dark but sight
Immense power locked inside this form

Silent and small in the darkening eventide
Silent and small
Silent and strong in the darkening eventide
Silent and strong
Track Name: Outside
Searching a river for something
And you can see in all its muddy glory
Reflections of sunlight
Glinting off refractions of light
Nude in the muck, perceptions hold in place
Until the water plops
You catch a glimpse of a fish
She's writhing as she struggles free of another's maw

And is this what you look like from the outside?
Are you what you're running from?
Is this what you look like from the outside?
Is this what you are in the dark?

This is your burden, a river so wet
Fear of a lost life but you won't forget
Deep in the woods, hiding in plain sight
You found a withering flower
Deep in the wet, your soul is darkened
Your fur is silky, and your stomach growls
The rules reversed but you must kill something
Your tail curls as you watch the fish, eyes intent
Track Name: Mixed Up In It
Energy, it's burning cold
Radiating as lies unfold
The race has run through a forest clearing
Waters lap at smoke-filled groves
And in the trees a creature watches
Picking out the living traces
Tensing as one of them rides past
Totally silent... lurking... watching...

In a place where the stars shine bright after nightfall
Where you fell through a crack in the wall
You never wanted to see this from within
A static buildup holding rivals in thrall

Energy, its silence tells
Data in a vehicular shell
The creature licks the fur on his spotted paw
Watching magma flow with its brimstone smell
And in the trees this creature watches
Prowling the woods where these outsiders intrude
Tensing to catch one of them off its high steed
Then letting the moment pass, playing to confuse

In a world in need of some static disbursement
The soul of this creature, you leap from the branch
Wanting to pounce all these racers for silence
There's no solution, just parts of a problem
Whenever you try to gain some peace you find yourself mixed up in a war
Track Name: Fall Back
No ideas but a mind far from blank
In the dark my eyes open, awake
There's lightning in the sky
Electricity tingles, purified
I'm fleeing from something, something I did
Gotta climb, get up higher into air that's acrid
Rising up claws out, naked but dry
Losing my grip on the world

I'm falling backwards through time
And if I don't stop I'll meet myself
To an age when the world was just rocks and rime
But that past has heard its knell, had its bell tolled

No plan but hold on and survive
But for the moment I think I'm still alive
Sitting in the grass I can see across the firebreak
As my tail squirms my nose melts a fallimg snowflake
I'm running from something, something I'll do
Catch a glance, a reflection of my score
Rising up claws out, naked I know
I've seen this fur, seen this face before

Amid shifting ice, forbidden worlds, I am lost
Climbing higher

No ideas, hold on and survive
There's lightning in the sky
I'm falling backwards through time
But for the moment I think I'm still alive
Track Name: Prowler
Deeper... are you drowning in light?
Into memories... now you're prowling the past
Do you feel the wild inside you
Burning deeper and deeper
Do you feel the wind as it ripples your fur
Just grit your teeth and run

And now you're feeling so lost
Can you open your eyes, watch this sunrise again?
Can you see what's inside?
Does it trouble your mind?
Will you balance your life on the edge of a knife?

Deeper... are you scared of the light?
These memories... you're prowling the past
Knowing inside what you used to be
But still you feel this naked strength
You're standing on the tip of the claw and you know
You have to move to fly
Track Name: Dark Water
Your meat weakens but even spiders don't forget
Personality subverted in a tidal wave of dark self
The way you look at me seeing nothing, nowhere
As if I can see you but you're not there

It's like I'm trapped in a cage in a cave
Lost among the bars
Trapped in a cave by a cult
Watching them prepare my doom
Trying to run from a hell they say will never be
Trapped in a cage in a cave, lost in my own shadow

Firelight in the cave glints off the waterfall
The sky grows cold and rivers darken
I'm caught in a blink of your eye

I'm trapped in a cage in a cave in a cage
Track Name: Hypergrown Jungle
Silver creatures come from the light
Metal-scented beings destroying the world
An eldritch disaster from past the edge of what's real
And I can only flee deep into the jungle
You destroy everything, I don't know if there's anybody left at all
You follow me, hunting me through overgrown woodland but I'm more than I seem, I'm a sleeping tiger

A space not your own that you burn without fire
Annihilate all opposition
Deep dark woods where I am the hunter
Stalker of the night, fleeing from you
This place is just a thing, to be wielded
And it's out of its bounds
I'm just a piece of the landscape to you
But I'll be back to fight back somehow

Hurtle through trees, I'm on the run
Leaping from branches to branches
Gotta find a safe place; to fight I have to live first
Run out of the light to the cool, safe dark
You burn everything without fire
What are you?
Razing this place, always right behind me
I want to fight but I don't get the chance
A secluded spot awaits me
I should be the hunter, was always the hunter
Now I'll figure out how to fight back
I will be the hunter

Stop being hunted, it's time to be the hunter
It's time to fight, time to be the hunter
Track Name: Own Eyes
You think that you're so clever, but you don't yet know
You think you are the hunter, but look deep into your soul
I know who you are and what you're about to do
Take a step back and look, really look, at the cage around you

Before you take the life of this creature take a moment to see
He knows who you are, he knows where you've been
Before you swing the knife or pull the trigger, take a moment to realize
Our only chance is for you to see that you're looking into your own eyes

You think you've got to do this but I'd bet my tail you're wrong
You think it's your only way out but you're just sealing your own fate
I thought I'd finally escaped when you stepped out of the bushes in front of me
And then I knew where I'd seen this face, why I'd known this fur

I will fight you, tooth and claw
I know already I must lose
Take a step back and wonder if there's a way to survive
Does it all depend on you?
Take a step back and look at the cage around you

I'm hoping that you'll change the future
Because very soon you're gonna see life is shared between us
Mine is the last face you'll get
Track Name: Change the Future
Time is twisted
this happened to you before
Are you afraid?
We all feel smaller on the inside

Can you do it, can you change the future?
You were killed here before
Don't let them get you, come on, change the future
You can make it, I know

A twisted universe
In the winter of the soul
Standing your ground, naked in the face of your own past
Catch your breath
Time is twisted
This has already been done
So are you bigger on the inside?
Will you change the future?